Transformational Leadership with
Coach Kenny Lowe

Adaptive Leadership is the process of mobilizing and leading people, teams, organizations, and communities through the difficult work of both evaluating and shifting our identities, our values, and our priorities to improve upon the limitations of the existing status quo. It's facilitating transformation.

Welcome! I'm Kenny Lowe, a high-performance coach and consultant who facilitates positive transformation through Adaptive Leadership. I am passionate about unlocking human potential. With 15+ years of experience, my key impact areas include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, holistic Health and well-being (mental, physical, spiritual), and financial freedom.

A primary focus of my career has been varying levels of service improving systems and services to underserved populations.

As a bold, innovative, systems thinker, I believe in positive transformation by challenging the status quo. I do this by using an advanced understanding of Adaptive Leadership. Let me help you, your team, or your organization work upstream, at a systems level, to optimize performance by identifying and addressing disparities at a root cause level. 
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A unique approach to using DEI as a driver of optimal performance

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Poverty Informed Care

Poverty is the diagnosis. Homelessness, Food Insecurity, & Crime are symptoms.

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Pro-Solutionary Lifestyle

Highlighting people aligned in eradicating the consistent problems that plague our society.

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Keynote, Conference, and Workshop presenting

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Strategic Innovation, Assessment, Evaluation, Recommendation, or Implementation.

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Training and Continued Education

Remote or in person group trainings available.

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