BEST Bridge Program -Day speaker for Oregon State University Athletics

The BEST Summer Bridge Program is an immersion program designed to help new student athletes adapt to the college environment by learning to balance academics and sports.        

I was very impressed and inspired by the man that we met at Community Outreach, Kenny.”                                                                                                             -BEST Bridge Program participant

Oregon Students of Color Conference – Conference speaker       The Oregon Students of Color Conference provides a safe, inclusive, welcoming space for BIPOC students to express their voices and experiences. The focus is on education around social and political inequalities.

  • Career Success
  • Leadership Principles          

OSU Non-Profit & Volunteer Fair- “Marketing Your Service”-  workshop speaker

Oregon Trails Summit-Why Access, Equity, and Inclusion Matter” - Conference speaker 

 Oregon Health and Outdoors Initiative- “Access and Inclusion Matter” - Conference speaker

Faces of Homelessness panelist - Oregon State University